Jacqueline Emerson ~ A Smile A Day :)

Upstander: An individual, group, or institution that chooses to take a positive stand and act on behalf of themselves and others.

Being an upstander is about doing something. It's not just sitting around and listening and waiting for someone else to do it.

On October 10, I spoke at the TEDx Orange Coast conference in Orange County (TEDx conferences are independently organized TED events).  The topic was “Redefining Relevance.”

I was unbelievably excited and honored to be asked to speak (I have always loved watching TED talks!). I decided to talk about how as we get older, we judge ourselves more and more.  This judgment inhibits our imagination/”inner child,” which is the key to all innovation.   

The day of, I was horribly nervous.  However, as soon as I stepped into the hall to hear the first speech, my fears dissipated.  I was in awe of the other people giving talks.  With each person, I felt like my mind was expanding.  Every single speaker had something absolutely fascinating to say.    

I ended up having a blast, not only in giving my talk, but also in being surrounded by such insightful minds.  It was a BEYOND amazing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

A couple of days ago, the videos of all the talks were released on Youtube.  I’ve posted mine here, but I also want to encourage you all to watch some of the others.  Trust me, it would be 10 minutes VERY well spent. 

I really hope you enjoy! 

Spread the light <3