Jacqueline Emerson ~ A Smile A Day :)

Upstander: An individual, group, or institution that chooses to take a positive stand and act on behalf of themselves and others.

Being an upstander is about doing something. It's not just sitting around and listening and waiting for someone else to do it.

About Me :)


My name is Jacqueline Emerson.  I am 17, a senior in high school, and a singer/actress who is lucky enough to be living out her dreams.  I am weird, I smile a lot, and I dance when I am alone in elevators.  One of my favorite things to do is put on shows with my sisters.  I like to freestyle rap, write songs on the piano, and act out the characters in books (as I am reading them).   

  I wanted to make a tumblr to “spread the light”. I want you to be able to come on here and read something that makes you smile.  So you can see a video that makes you laugh.  I think laughter is one of the things that makes us human, and its something none of us do nearly enough.  I’m also going to post things that stop and make you think. I want to post things that will inspire people as much as they inspire me.  

 On that note, I want you all to send me anything and everything that strikes you.  I hope this blog can become a place for inspiration, laughter and light.  

Love, Jacqueline

Spread the Light <3